Thursday, January 19, 2012

The BEST decision I EVER made!

Just over 11 years ago I married my best friend and since then life has been FANTASTIC!!! I'm so glad I was able to find someone who loves me despite my many flaws. Today I thought I would write about the day Steve and I got married. I really should write about when we got engaged etc... but I'll save that for another day.

So, where to begin??? Steve and I decided and kind of had to get married over here, due to all the visa requirements. My family all came over and we got married December 15th, 2000 :) The night before we were able to go through the Temple together so I could take out my endowments. Steve's sister Trish also went threw the Temple that night aswell, it was a GREAT night. I can't really remember too much from that night which is sad. I was just so thankful that my family were able to come and be there with us. I do remember how great it felt seeing everyone together in the Celestial room and even though 1 of my brothers wasn't able to be there in person I knew he was there in spirit. It was a WONDERFUL to start to our eternal family together.

The morning of our wedding day I went to get my hair done at the ladies house that does Sherrise's hair. I had no idea what I was doing. I did end up with a little too much volume though so I asked to take it down a bit, hahaha! It ended up looking great so we quicking went back to my mother in laws house. It was REALLY different for me getting married in America. I had never imagined myself getting married in England and walking down the isle but I was only used to that kind of wedding. So when I got Steve before we were married it was kind of weird. It was also different because I didn't even wear my wedding dress when we got married. The weather was sooo bad that we didn't get pictures outside the Temple so I didn't see the point of wearing it and then taking it off etc...

Before we actually got married we sat together in the Celestial room and I think we were both a little nervous but also REALLY excited. I remember them coming to get us and taking us up to the Sealing room and I think I did a speed walk past everyone because I was so nervous. It was a GREAT sealing though and I'm so thankful we were able to be sealed together FOREVER!!!

I'm not sure what we did straight after the wedding, I think we just drove to the church to have the luncheon. That was another different thing about weddings over here. I guess the luncheon is similar to the English receptions though. It was a lots of fun, we had everyone say how they knew Steve and I, our parents each said something and so did we. Of course there was lots of crying, mainly from my side of the family. After that we got ready for our wedding pictures which I wasn't looking too that much because I've never been a fan of getting my picture taken. I'm so thankful now though for all those pictures we took, they're such FANTASTIC memories :) I can't remember if it was before the luncheon or afterwards but at some point my friend Jeny who was one of my bridesmaids was driving and we were going to get my dress from Grandma's I think. Anyway on the way we almost skidded of the road, that was pretty crazy but funny to look back on now.

Finally it was onto the reception. Our line seemed NEVER ENDING but I think a lot of that was due to the fact that my Dad was the first one in line and kept talking tons to everyone. At the time I had NO idea who most of the people were but now I think I know who they all are. It was a fun night but by the end of the evening I was SHATTERED, we both were! We lucked out when it came to our car because no one decorated it, oh yes!!! And because we didn't get married in England I didn't have a hen night so I missed on being dressed up and trashed, phew!

As we got ready to leave for our hotel we said goodbye to everyone and headed for the car. My Dad walked out with us and we said our goodbyes. Not that it was anything spectacular but I'll always remember that moment of him saying goodbye. After all I am his baby and I was starting a new life in a new country.

Well there's my memories of our wedding day. It was GREAT and we were just so happy to be married. We had both known pretty quick that we were meant to get married (I'll write more about that another day) and we were sooo excited to start our lives together. Since then time has flown by but every day we love each other more and I'm always thankful that we chose to be married in the Temple for time and ALL ETERNITY

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